Wholesale Info

Wholesale Application Process

Thanks so much for your interest in selling our stencils.


We now offer two discount programs. The first program is designed for brick and mortar stores who intend to resell our stencils, and who may or may not also order quantities of stencils for use during workshops. The second program is designed for those who offer workshops and would like to order quantities of stencils for workshops but are not interested in meeting the thresholds required for a wholesale discount.


Retailers who intend to sell our stencils:

Note: If you previously had a wholesale account, you will need to re-apply for the new program as our terms and conditions have changed. The pricing you see on our website is retail pricing until we accept your wholesale account application.

Please review our wholesale terms/information. Once you are ready to proceed with your application please follow the process below.

Please send an email to info@wallmasque.com with the following information:

  1.        Business Name
  2.        Short description of business
  3.        Photo of storefront
  4.        Business Website Address
  5.        Business Resale Certificate/Permit
  6.        If in Texas we need a completed sales and use tax resale certificate
  7.        If you were referred by someone please provide that information
  8.        Please establish a login account at http://www.wallmasque.com

Once we approve your wholesale account we will email you with a coupon code for your initial purchase. Once the initial purchase is completed we will convert your account to a permanent wholesale account and future online purchases will automatically have discounts applied based on the terms outlined above.


Workshop Discounts Only:

We now offer bulk discounts for those who wish to order quantities of certain stencils for use during workshops/classes.

To receive this discount please:

1. create and account at http://www.wallmasque.com

2. email info@wallmasque.com and describe your business. Please use the subject line "workshop discount request".

We will change your account to enable tiered bulk discounts on any of our stencils. This means the more of any stencil you order the greater your discount will be. This discount is only applied for single items (ex. order 5 farmhouse clock stencils and they will be discounted by 25%)

The discounts will be at follows:

Minimum Qty 3 stencils - 25%

Minimum Qty 6 stencils - 30%

Minimum Qty 10 stencils- 40%

Minimum Qty 15+ stencils - 50%