Old Script 2

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Stencil Material Required

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A versatile set of 5 stencils. Script size varies but upper case letters are roughly 2 inches tall and lower case letters are roughly 1/2" tall.

Each stencil is a different French phrase of adoration and love:

-English Translation-

  • J'aime ton sens de l'humour – “I like your sense of humor”
  • Tu me fais rire – “you make me laugh” Tu racontes des choses intéressantes – “you tell interesting things”
  • Je t'adore Toujours dans mon Coeur - "I adore you” or “always in my heart"
  • J'aime ton sourire – “I love your smile”

Material Options: Both films are re-usable stencil films.

7mil blue is a thinner film that is ideal for paint applications. Many painters claim to encounter less “bleed” under the stencil edges when using this film.

10mil hazy is slightly thicker and more rigid than the 7mil material. It is ideal for plasters where a raised or “embossed” effect is desired. It is also preferred by many professional artisans as it is very durable.